Sunday, January 08, 2017

Hot Springs Trail ~ Part 10 ~ Muir Pass to Florence Lake

At Muir Pass, Rosy Finches were entering the hut to look for crumbs from hikers.

Marmots and Pika's are great teachers on how to adapt to one's cold and icy environment.

The Muir Pass Route has to be one of the most beautiful stretches of trail that i have ever been on.

There is nothing really technical about it all...  
Just take one step in front of the other and enjoy the purity of the epic scenery and fresh air.

Plus i think hiking this portion of the John Muir Trail while there is still this much snow, and its contrast to the granite formations, is overwhelmingly beautiful.

Being out Here makes you come fully into alignment with Life and living.

I love the Pacific Crest Trail very much... but its indeed getting a bit crowded which is also putting more restrictions on it all.

But that's the perfect reason to do trails like the Hot Springs Trail, so one can boldly go where few have gone before.

I feel we are building a whole new infrastructure of trail routes to show the beauty of nature that has been long forgotten and overlooked. How we connect and use the land in the near future will change along with how we perceive it and interact with it on a moment to moment basis.

The era of fear based management is at its end.

On the Pacific Crest Trail... many talk about the potential problems of crossing e\Evolution Creek. But as you can see here... it was quite easy and doable even with all of the snow melt.

Returning to the official Hot Springs Trail Route, we entered Muir Trail Ranch which was to open officially to the public in the next few days. Muir Trail Ranch proper actually has some hot springs enclosed on their property. However, nearby Blayney Hot Springs is open freely to the general public. We were unable to soak at Blayney because the San Joaquin River was too swollen and flowing too fast to access it.

Florence Lake was awesome... its beauty surpassed my expectations. The folks at the Florence Lake Marina turns out to also own Muir Trail Ranch.  They have a very small store, but have plenty of options for a hungry hiker.  Stacey and I bought tortillas, cheese, canned beans, and refried beans to make burritos using the stores microwave.  The prices were not off the charts either for being in the middle of everywhere.


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